Interactive Multimedia Classrooms

Digital Interactive Multimedia Content

Skill Junction created barrier-free interactive language communication labs where multimedia based digital content is deliverable through an interface which is run by patented Interactive, Software Integrated Learning System (ISILS). The multimedia content turned as a key to generate intra-personal and interpersonal skills within students. Communication and other soft skill development raised the bar of confidence among students to express their thoughts and convince the world.

Convergence of Patented Technology & Multimedia Content

Same Vibe At Every Corner

Skill Junction came into existence with the thought to deliver the same culture of education at every corner of the nation. We initiated at STEP, IIT Kharagpur and now spread over 300 Skill Junction classrooms.

Innovation & Idea

Patented, Interactive Software Integrated Learning System ( ISILS ) is easy to use and specifically featured for barrier-free interactive teaching-learning sessions.