9 Top Features of Language Learning Software

Learning a language online is not easy. While it’s possible to learn a language online, but the real catch is choosing the right language learning software. Hence, it’s time to take a closer look at the software. There are many top language learning software available in market and you need to choose the best one. Instead of focusing on best language learning software, it is best to find the ideal language learning software. By considering everything, you need to learn a language quickly and effectively. The following list can be termed as a ‘checklist’ when it comes to finding the ideal language learning software.


No great achievements can happen overnight, and learning a language is also not different. To learn a language first, you need to set smart and realistic goals to help you organize your time and plan your studies. The software you’re using should allow you to set measurable daily goals and track progress.   It should provide easy-to-structure goals to achieve SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bounding) goals.


Your motivation to learn a new language is the key. Any foreign language learning software should be interactive, fun and engaging and little competitive to help you motivated. It should able to create a way to connect with other learners. Connecting and communicating with others is a great a way to stay motivated.


You can’t learn math without solving problems, same is with learning a language. To learn a language you need to harness four important skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening. The ideal foreign language software is making the course interactive and engaging.


No two language learners are same, and language learning software aware of it. Ideally a language learning program should identify your native language and based on that personalize your learning program. A software should give options to learn vocabulary and grammar through personalization.


The best language learning program should help you to learn vocabulary, grammar and culture while learning through listening, writing, speaking and reading. None of the aspects should be neglected and there should be a balance amount of each in your study program.


The best language learning software should teach most practical words and structures first. Only 5% of the words present in the language can interact with 95% situations. The ideal language learning software could help you to gain fluency through practical way of teaching.

Easy to Use

It is not easy to find some time to study a language which is one of the main reasons why many people are keen on learning a language through software. This software is easy-to-use, provide you with help and advice, easy to download, and provide free upgrades.


You won’t remain a beginner forever and ideal language learning software should be designed in such way that it should include all levels according to measurable scales. That means all lessons include a variety of visual, audio, verbal, logical, and physical activities to help everyone to learn.


If you’ve decided to get rid of traditional classroom and want to impart learning language through language learning software then portability is important. You should able to access your software from anywhere, not just a single computer.

Choose the language learning software wisely and you’ll be on the right track to learn a foreign language.