Top Interactive Digital Language Lab Software for Classroom

Computers, tablets, and smartphones – all now are in a collaborative mode and helping teachers all across the globe to teach in a more efficient way. This piece is about digital language lab software solutions that educators integrate into their language classes. This piece also talks about how these technologies turn language acquisition more exhilarating and engaging experience.

Ensuring the Success of Digital Language Lab

Nothing Replaces the Teacher

You may think that the advent of technology has put humans in second seat. A presentation in powerpoint can be done using a computer or laptop but you still need a person. To use technology in an efficient way, you need a human. To present a presentation, you need a presenter.

Technology can give you an extra pair of hands. Use of technology helps a job little easier. It also saves time. However, it is the job of a teacher to educate students not technology. Irrespective of the digital language lab, technology can never replace the role of an educator.

A program can be made to be interactive and fun, but it is the role of a teacher to turn it interactive and fun.

Active Learning

Students can place a burden on tech and expect to teach them a language on command. The most productive language programs are those created with active participation and purposeful attention.

You can’t learn a language passively. It can’t be acquired through mindless clicks on your mouse.

However, while learning a language, you need to understand that repetition is the key. It’s not about finishing the module but understand the module entirely. For technology to play its part, as a student you must understand the process.

Make Use of Flexibility and Feedback

Students have both strengths and weaknesses. The best thing about today’s language software is that they can take this consideration. Technology helps students to study at their own pace and customize the course according to their needs.

Today’s classroom technology is robust and strong enough to respond to individual requirements. It helps students to chart their own learning path, instead of compelling the whole class to understand one module at one specified time.

The teachers should also make full use of feedback system of the software. The lessons are for students and feedbacks are for teachers. Takeaways can be taken for progress reports. With the help of those feedbacks, a teacher can teach and guide the students effectively.

Here is a list of top digital language lab software solutions for classrooms

  • FluentU
  • DLL Language Laboratory System
  • Mythware Language Lab
  • Orell Digital Language Lab
  • Zybro Language Lab
  • Smart Class Plus
  • School Shape

Here is the list of top digital language lab software solutions that you use to make learning more easy and engaging. Irrespective of the technological advancement, a student should never forget that technology can’t replace the role of a teacher.  A passionate teacher will be at the very heart of a language class.