What is the difference between allowing an individual user and the option ‘One to One’?

The teacher can interact with only one student in ‘One-to-One’ mode and their interaction is inaudible to others. Thus, teacher can conduct ‘One-to-One’ voice interaction with only one user while others are engaged in the running audio or audio-visual aid. To select any user the teacher first clicks the ‘Open Group’ and then selects one individual. The interaction between the teacher and that selected student is audible to all the other students.

What is the difference between One to One & ‘Closed Group’?

In ‘One-to-One’ mode the teacher can interact with only one student at a time and their interaction is inaudible to others and others are also not allowed to speak in between. In ‘Closed Group’ the teacher can grab a group of students or more than one student to interact with them. Their interaction is inaudible to others and others are also not allowed to speak in between.
In short, when the teacher is selecting only one student to interact within a ‘Closed Group’, then it becomes ‘One-to-One’ and one to many in a closed situation is called ‘Closed Group’.

How Internet connection can be used?

Internet connection can be used in three ways. They are:

  • You can directly show content or conduct online exercises with the help of internet connection.
  • You can make short modules with the contents collected from the net.
  • With the internet connection, you can update anti-virus which is already installed on the system.

When and how we use polling?

The polling option can be used during evaluation. The teacher can make MCQ and ask the students to press the right option according to their judgement. Again ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ option can also be used as there is provision for the same.

What is the difference between opening courseware and browsing multimedia files?

The course ware is inbuilt. Thus the teacher just needs to click on the course ware icon to open the same. To open the said file the teacher can click on the file browser option in GUI and browse the file from the computer.

How do you evaluate growth of any particular student after a particular module?

As there is provision in the system to check the ratio of right and wrong answer with the help of graphical representation, the teacher can create MCQ on said chapter and use the polling option to check the individual growth after each module.

Can the system run without a teacher?

This is a teacher controlled classroom. Teacher conducts and monitors the class. Thus the class cannot be run without a teacher.

Is there any constraint for class duration?

There is no constraint for the class duration. The system can be run for the whole day. But the teacher needs to set the time of the class as per the learning capacity of the students.

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