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Good Digital Language Lab Software Is the Essence of a Language Lab

Interactive and innovative digital language lab software is the key to successfully run a language laboratory. Skill Junction’s digital language lab comes with such software that can be upgraded with changing demand of the industry. It can effectively run for long hours to conduct multiple classes in a single day. You need to remember that such software is responsible for effective functioning of the language lab. 

Interactive and User Friendly Interface Compatible with Digital Language Lab Software

The interface is user friendly and can be used for ultimate usage of the facility. The learning interface of the language lab is interactive as the teacher and student participation is necessary for effective learning environment. We made the interface user-friendly considering a teacher or a student may not be proficient in handling computers. This enables the teacher to conduct the class with confidence with ultimate utilization of the learning applications. That makes, Skill Junction one of the best digital language lab manufacturers in India.

Courseware Compatible with Digital Language Lab Software

Courseware with interface gives more value to the service providers. User asks for interactive courseware and it is made compatible with system software. Skill Junction’s digital language lab is equipped in providing interactive courseware compatible with system software.


Interactive Delivery System with Digital Language Lab Software

Multimedia course-ware delivered through interactive system software makes learning worth. This process enriches learning that be achieved through practical applications which ultimately treasures the essential values of educational methodologies.


Modern Language Lab Software Generate Students Performance Appraisal

Interactive Software Integrated Learning System (ISILS) developed and patented by Skill Junction is the best way to generate instant and accurate students’ appraisal.

We, Skill Junction Infratech Pvt. Ltd., are the producer and patent holder of digital language lab equipment. We’ve earned our goodwill to develop essential learning applications providing opportunities for effective learning methodologies.

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