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Optimum Utilization Of Language Laboratory

Vinod Kumar OSD

23rd and 24th February 2018

Government of Odisha

The workshop was inaugurated by honourable Sri Vinod Kumar, IAS, Officer on Special Duty (OSD), Department of Higher Education. He emphasised on optimizing the usage of language lab and termed it as a common concern. Entire country have taken up special programs on skill development. Apart from language learning it is the presentation which is also being taught.

Mihir Das

Dr. Mihir Das OES (I) OIC, SPTC, highlighted the purpose of language lab is to enhance the communicative skills of the students which are very essential now a days. Good communication skills are indispensable for the success of any profession. He observed the students are very good in examinations but they fail to achieve success in later life because of lack of communication skills. Commitment and involvement of teachers are necessary to run
the language laboratories. It is not only the responsibility of Government but also the responsibility lies with the teachers.


Program on 2nd day was initiated by Honourable Sri Parameswaran B, IAS, Joint Secretary of Higher Education Department, Project Director for World Bank, Project Director for RUSA, Nodal Officer for scholarship and re-admission. Member Secretary of Odisha State Education Council. He mentioned that the biggest stumbling block for the students of Odisha is their language. He is concerned to make the students competent in respect to the job market. The most important thing he believes that the students should be competent in English language i.e. speaking, reading, writing and listening. He also believes, language lab is one place where interested students will improve their communicative skills to a superlative level.