Convergence of Patented Technology & Multimedia Content

A single screen multimedia content delivery cum interaction system which would be easy to install, operate and maintain even if at the farthest part of our country.

Key Amenities

Interactive Multimedia Course-ware

Compatible course-ware with audio and video aids making intelligent learning through interactive activities.

Interactive Delivery System

Multimedia course-ware delivered through interactive system software making learning enriching through practical applications, treasuring essential values of education.

Students Performance Appraisal

The interface provides the opportunity to keep a close vigil on students appraisal.

Learning Process

Barrier-free interactive courseware

Skill Junction has established barrier-free interactive language-communication labs where multimedia based digital content is delivered through an interface which is run by patented Interactive, Software Integrated Learning System (ISILS). The multimedia content turned as a key to generate intra-personal and interpersonal skills within students. Communication and other soft skill development raised the bar of confidence among students to express their thoughts and convince the world.

Student Interactive Device

Skill Junction, Language and Communication labs are run by self-developed hardware interface made for ISIL content delivery and interaction module. The system is made user-friendly with requisite applications to make teaching-learning easy and effective. Upgradation of teaching methodology was accounted for its development.

Voice Conversation

Poll & Quiz

Group Discussion

Hand Raise

We innovate interactive teaching-learning device for future generation

We ensure whatever is needed for its ultimate utilization.

Nowadays education needs to be simplified with all the learning pathways; auditory learning, visual learning, kinesthetic learning etc., for easy acquisition of deep-rooted thought behind every aspect. We introduced our content through multimedia compatible Graphical User Interface (GUI) and made learning purpose oriented.