Skill Junction turnkey facility

Experience of working with the various level of institutes enriched us with hundreds of plan & design to execute labs as per demand.

Skill Junction own workshop ensures to fulfill the demand of quality and time.

Plan, Design & Estimation

Skill Junction provides multiple plans and designs with according estimations to make the right decision as per the desired requirements of the user.

Installation of ISIL System with Multimedia Content.

Multimedia interactive course-ware is made compatible to the ISIL System making every Skill Junction lab a turnkey project.

Time Bound Execution

Skill Junction professionals keep a strict vigil over on-time execution and scheduled maintenance and services.

Training, Demonstration and Post-Sales Support 

Skill Junction conduct demonstrations, training programs, workshops and regular maintenance of labs for their optimum utilisation.


In-House Research & Development

Innovative and creative ideas to simplify the technology. The old version is now replaced with new touch-enabled devices with excellent transmission and reception features enriching the learning experience.

Utilization of  Language labs

Skill Junction has dedicated team of professionals to keep every lab proper and live. Scheduled maintenance, teacher’s training programs and demonstrations are performed for optimum utilization of the labs.


Teachers training programs

Skill Junction believes teachers are the captain of Skill Junction labs. Therefore, it is our duty to keep them updated with the system software usage. Skill Junction conducts demonstrations and teachers training programs which help them to run the lab on their fingertips.

Production & Facilities

Skill Junction owns workshop to fulfill the demand of quality and time.

Experience of working with various institutes enriched Skill Junction with hundreds of plan & design to execute labs as per demand.


Skill Junction has a dedicated team of professionals who provide onsite service support & AMC facility. We are in the process of implementing online technical support from our central service support office to cut down on response time.

Support through Local Node

Skill Junction believes on time service is the need of every user. Therefore we have raised separate support teams located to Skill Junctions labs.

Queries and Suggestions

Skill Junction is eager to answer your queries and implement your vital suggestions.


We are thankful for the experiences shared and feedback delivered by respected Principals, Senior Members and Teachers of vivid institutes.