The Most Advanced and Effective language lab equipment in Kolkata

Communication is a part of our daily activity. Effective communication imparts true sense to the listener as valued by the speaker. But in many instance there arise with a difference which give rise to misinterpretation. Such instances lead to errors. This too happens in job interviews when a student fail to communicate and they lose the job even having ample academic knowledge. Thus it is very important to have an effective communication skill.

We all know English Language is being taught from our childhood still many of us hesitate to communicate in English. We get less opportunity to speak in English in our daily life thus making it difficult for us to communicate when we communicate with professionals or officials. Learning language starts with listening then speaking and thereafter reading and writing. So the same practice is being followed in language lab setup for school.

Interactive language lab software:

The language laboratory equipment manufacturers in India give a special importance for development of the software to run the lab. Much investment of time and money is made on research to make the software apt for the user. Applications need to be user friendly to make sure about each of their ultimate utilization. The software running the applications is the key to make the lab an effective one. The teacher might not be a computer proficient but he or she should feel comfortable and confident to operate and run the class as required. The software should have the efficiency to run the applications for long hours.

Multimedia Courseware:

Advanced language labs are compatible with interactive multimedia courseware. Such courseware give proper description of lessons through audio and visual aids. Students get to acquire a better perspective of the lesson. Educational institutions hiring the facility make the decision after going through the courseware. The level of courseware vary with respective category of educational institution. Thus installation of proper courseware is a challenging factor for every language laboratory equipment suppliers.

Input and Output Devices:

Advanced language lab equipment in India is termed with available modern learning devices. The teacher is assisted with a computer enabled with an interface with varied applications to run the lab with desired requirements. Modern language laboratories are provided with below mentioned equipment.

  • Laptop: Teacher is assisted with a laptop enabled with interactive multimedia courseware.


  • Motorized screen with Projector: The lessons are being displayed through projector on motorized screen.


  • Speakers and Headsets: The lectures delivered by teacher is made audible through speaker or headsets available with individual student.


  • Digital Boards: Modern labs are assisted with digital boards for effective learning.


  • Student’s Device: Individual students are provided with console units installed in their respective desks. This enable them to answer multiple choice questions asked by the teacher. They can also send an alert message to get permission from teacher before speaking. Even they can increase or decrease the volume of their headsets with the press of a button available at the console unit. 


Low Cost Maintenance

Maintenance of a lab is a matter of concern for many service provider. Maintenance need to be cost effective. The lab is being handled by many so proper maintenance is a challenging factor. The software and hardware both should be easy to maintain. The teacher conducting the class in the lab might not be a computer proficient so it is important to make the system get repaired by following schedule instructions or through online support.

These facilities have been provided by premium laboratory equipment  manufacturers in India and Skill Junction Infratech Pvt. Ltd. is believed to be the pioneer among them, making learning interesting and enriching.

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