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What Services should a Language Lab Manufacturer Provide?

Both educational and professional institutes are in constant search for installation of modern language laboratory equipment to add value to their institutions. Multimedia aids partnered with interactive interface make every language lab an effective tool for better learning. Language labs ensure easy learning of communication and other soft skills. Hence, you need to be careful while choosing a language lab service provider. A language lab equipment supplier should provide the following services to establish an interactive language lab.

Plan, Design & Estimation

A language lab service provider should provide multiple plans and designs with according estimations to make the right decision as per the desired requirements of the user. Every plan and design should be done as per with the budget and space available with the user.

Installation of ISIL System with Multimedia Content

Installation of multimedia interactive course-ware compatible with the ISIL system is of the primary responsibilities of a language lab service provider.

Time Bound Execution

Every service provider should keep a strict vigil on timely execution and scheduled maintenance services.

Training, Demonstration, and Post-Sales

A good language lab service provider should always conduct demonstrations, training programs, workshops, and regular maintenance of labs for their optimum utilization. A dedicated team of professional should make sure the proper functionality of the language lab.

In-House Research & Development

While choosing a language lab service provider, you need to ensure whether they’ve got an in-house research and development team or not. You also need to check the new touch-enabled devices have excellent transmission and reception features to enrich the learning experience.

Teachers Training Programs

Tie up with those service providers who provide emphasis on giving training to teachers. Teachers should remain updated about the use of system software. Through demonstrations and training programs, teachers can able to learn the updates about running the lab without any hassles.

Production & Facilities

The service provider with experience of working with different institutes is more capable of planning & designing of labs as per demand.

After-Sales Service

Like any company, you also need to ensure whether the service provider has an after-sales service team or not. There should a team of professionals who should provide onsite service support and AMC facility.